Bodipure Keratin Gloves – 50pack

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Product Description

BODIPURE’s Keratin Gloves prepares the nails for a manicure – moisturizes the skin, softens the cuticles, and strengthens the nails. Excellent as both a moisturizer and massage lotion.
* Package includes 50 packs of Keratin Gloves.

Benefits of Keratin :

Reinforces the protective outer layer – keeps skin healthy
Repairs existing damage
Protects your healthy skin, guarding against damaging heat, chemicals or friction
Increases skin elasticity
Increases skin hydration
Not tested on animals. No Paraben or Mineral oil. One size fits all.


1. Remove polish and file nails. Slip on the Keratin Gloves one hand at a time.

2. Gently massage emulsion all around the nails, paying careful attention to the cuticles.

3. Push the glove tips back to expose the fingernails.

4. Clean any excess emulsion on the nails and treat cuticles. There’s no need for cuticle oil or massage lotion.

5. Apply base coat, polish, and top coat.

6. Remove the gloves and massage the hands and forearms with the remaining emulsion.

7. Leave clients with soft, smooth hands.